06 Oct

In search of the amazing Pawpaw fruit

National Public Radio’s Tiny Desk Kitchen recently took a trek to find the exotic fruit of the Pawpaw tree, the only member of its tropical genus to be found in North America. These trees populated the ravines of my southern Indiana boyhood and were also found in the woods behind my former home in southwest Michigan. Pawpaws make for a spectacular addition to ornamental landscaping, as well as providing homestead fruits and food for the caterpillar of the Zebra Swallowtail butterfly (Eurytides marcellus). Read More

28 Mar

Theology through the Henhouse Door

Photo: Wikimedia user Owlmonkey

Photo: Wikimedia user Owlmonkey

I commend to you the delightfully quirky writing of friend Kirsten Beachy, Assistant Professor of Languages and Literature at Eastern Mennonite University.

In her new essay,¬†Field Notes Toward a Doctrine of Chicken (The Cresset, Lent 2011, Vol LXXIV, No. 3 pp 19-23), she muses theologically about her homestead flock, imaging God looking down on her as she looks upon her chickens: “intrigued, sometimes deeply disturbed, wondering what is going on in their tiny minds.”