Pocoyo: A Family Favorite

My kids and I enjoy watching Pocoyo together. He and his animated friends get into all sorts of hilarious situations. The cartoon is one that has enough *wink-wink* content for parents to get a kick out of the show; for instance, the popular music references in the video below…was that “Billie Jean”? We have the […]

Recounting a Swallowtail: Hesitating Beauty

I had pretty much given up on the fourth chrysalis. With the other three having fallen to predation, I assumed this one was a dud since it had hatched neither swallowtail nor wasp. I forgot about the lone chrysalis and it remained on the stick to which it was stuck in the butterfly tent in […]

Recounting a Swallowtail: Locked Room Murder Mystery

I suppose you could call me a butterfly midwife by now. I started nurturing butterfly caterpillars through their transformations about a decade ago when I was working in the summer camp realm. Butterfly hatching has since become a family ritual and the church librarian keeps us stocked with Black Swallowtail (Papilio polyxenes) caterpillars from her […]